Access statement for Oak House Ravenshead

   Arrival & Car Parking Facilities

    • Access to Oak House via an inclined off-road drive
       and parking area
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    • There are 3 steps up to ‘porchÂ’ level
    • A further step into reception area

  Main Entrance/Reception Area

    • Spacious main entrance area, fully carpeted
       Public Areas – Sitting room, lounges, lobbies etc

    • Ground floor lounge/breakfast room

Public W.Cs

   • Bathrooms, WCs attached to first floor bedrooms

Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas.

   • Both first floor, with en suite facilities. Normal width
      doorways throughout.

Grounds and Gardens

   • Inclined split level grassed areas with seating;
      flower beds; pebbled walkways.
      Spectacular Rhododendrons in spring.

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